Virtual solutions for professional image variants

photostudio is the top quaility software tool for the most efficient generati-on of full interior spatial images.


photostudio offers the user maximum flexibility in the creation of image variants, incl. automation options, numerous image editing options down to the smallest detail and optimized support via services, training and maintenance.


photostudio offers the seller a virtually limitless product presentation platform, excellent economy and optimized image quality in terms of color, surface, light and spatial effect.


Unbelievable options at the touch of a button

Use our professional Know-How

You can rely on the know-how of our experts when creating your images – as we have developed the software ourselves, we know exactly what to look for, and what type of processing will guaran-tee the highest quality for your requirements.

Setup your own expertise

Alternatively, our training course will show you how to create and process your own images from start to finish. We will be happy to consult on the planning of your processes to optimize your ROI.

Our photostudio app is the perfect solution for the cost-efficient generation of 3D images with a quality that can even be used in print media.

The results of the renderings are in hand much qui-cker than in traditional 3D applications. Depending on package, an image creation tool can generate any image variant on the basis of simple lists.

Extreme flexibility when it comes to post-editing of the images rounds off the overall picture. The user can also easily fine-tune colors, sizes, and texture rapports. The same applies for the creation of complex grids that will ensure the proper perspective rendering of various ma-terials on a three-dimensional object. Overall, photostudio is a highly functional software tool with particu-lar strengths in prototyping, the offline generation of high-resolution 3D image variants, the processing of own 3D images, and the cropping of rapports.

active online offers specialized services and training courses for users to make the most of the application right from the start. Clients, who book maintenance services at the time of purchase of our photostudio, will additionally benefit from free updates and telephone support, which offers targeted and competent help andadvice. One of the reasons why we can afford to keep our promises is the fact that we are the developers of photostudio, and utilize the software internally for the processing of our own data – the ”standard” version for two-dimensional objects, and the ”plus” version for more complex shapes.


Professional photo shoots simply cannot be done at a discount price. They require too much time, material and know-how to be done economically. And when all variations of a product series are to be shown in a spatial environment, the cost-benefit ratio rises.

Infinite image variations – finite cost

Compromises have to be made. The result is that only a selection of products can be presented. With photo-studio there are simply no limits. Our photostudio offers a decisive advantage com-pared to conventional photo-shoots: A single spatial image can be used as a basis for endless image varia-tions after one-time processing with photostudio. A combined image processing for floors, walls, cei-lings, modular furniture, upholstery and decorative fa-brics in one single image is absolutely possible. Using photostudio, even burnout fabrics with various levels of transparency, perspectives, surface characte-ristics, and lighting conditions will appear just like in a real photographic image.

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