materialo® VR

Virtual worlds open up new distribution channels

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) means complete immersion in a computer-generated world. Previously, a whole room was needed to create a deceptively realistic impression. Today, special monitor glasses are all you need to immerse yourself in an artificially generated world.

Let your customers not just see, but really experience dimensions, lighting etc. This makes picking out floors, wallpapers and fabrics fun – and means bad decisions are nearly a thing of the past.

You can guide your customers through interiors and let them immerse themselves in settings where the surfaces and even entire pieces of furniture or objects can be swapped. You can show your customers a comparison of the favourites they have already compiled, allowing them to make a safe decision.


Of course, you also give your customers a WOW experience that they will not forget, creating a positive impression and making it easier for them to recommend you.

Of course, materialo® applications are all compatible with one another. This means that the usual catalogues and materials from the materialo® CLOUD are also available in VR.

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