materialo® MOBILE

Sales promotion 4.0

Life today is unimaginable without them – there are apps for every situation and everyone has them on their smartphones. Of course, there are also apps for materialo® that make the sales process child’s play, even on the go.

From a QR code straight to visualisation

It is hard to find a collection brochure nowadays that does not have those small, clever QR codes. You have barely pulled your smartphone out of your pocket and – beep – you have already locked in your favourite. You no longer have to move through the exhibition with a pen and paper, painstakingly noting down everything of interest. The materialo® QR app collects fascinating fabrics, appealing flooring and the matching wallpapers in passing.
The compiled favourites can then later be conveniently transferred to materialo® Inspiration and make optimal additions or replacements to the existing list.

AR provides the WOW effect

Provide your clients with a WOW effect during face-to-face interaction using the additional materialo® AR module. You can use this new, innovative materialo® technology to display fabrics, floors, wallpapers and even window coverings in 3D interiors on your iPad. This extension lets you add an interactive element to your showroom or directly show clients how their new curtains will look on their windows at home.

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