materialo® INTEGRATE

Dynamic content for your online marketing activities

materialo® INTEGRATE

It couldn't be any more flexible – use this excellent mapping technology in combination with your own interior images and the materialo® Cloud to create your own front end on your own.

Unlimited image variants 

In order to display the full diversity of your products on your website, you would have to generate hundreds of image files in advance and store them on your server before  painstakingly integrating them one by one. Now you can use the convenient  materialo® Integrate scripts to generate the images you want. Your interior images and your current collections are available in the materialo® Cloud, including all detailed information.

Always up to date

With every update or change to your collection, the image files need to be recreated and then replaced or added throughout the website. With materialo® Integrate, this is carried out in the materialo® Cloud, and the scripts that you have already used automatically access the current data – your websites practically update themselves!

Tools for professionals

Different services are addressed on our server with materialo® Integrate scripts. You only receive the result that you require. This even makes it possible for you to create your own visualisation solution.

Simple scripts

The well-structured materialo® Integrate scripts are easy to understand and yield rapid success thanks to their uncomplicated integration. This makes working with materialo® Integrate efficient and effective. Once you have used them, you do not need to worry about current data anymore. However, it goes without saying that we are continuously working on new features for materialo®, which will also be available in materialo® Integrate.

Clear documentation

The online documentation is structured in different sections, which makes finding the script you require especially easy. Moreover, there are informative examples and JSFiddle available for every script, which clearly show you which results the different scripts deliver. Of course, our support team is also on hand to provide assistance and advice if something does not work straight away.

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