materialo® INSPIRATION

The easiest and fastest way to use materialo® as your own personal tool is materialo® INSPIRATION.

Unique visualization technology

Generally speaking, the realistic visualisation of fabrics, paints and materials – in all of their variants – plays an important role in the decision-making process for many people.

A realistic decision-making tool

There are three main factors that determine how well this decision-making tool actually works: realism – how realistic is the image? Selection – does it actually show all the options? User-friendliness – how quickly and easily does the presentation tool work?

Intuitive menus

materialo®, our specialist in online product presentation, offers a winning package: it displays materials, patterns, colours and options in specific interior settings. Users get a realistic sense of the best option for them. They can compare their favourites at any time with just a few clicks, thanks to the intuitive menu. This makes materialo® one of the most effective ways to use computer technology to turn potential clients into real-life customers.

Cross-media sales platform

One special advantage is the html5-compatible materialo® solution, which users can use on all types of tablet PCs. It works on all operating systems, while different solutions are required for IOS, Android, Windows etc. for native apps.

Your images and products

materialo® INDUSTRY is a ready-to-use web application that becomes your own customised tool when you use your own images and products and can be perfectly integrated into your website. Of course, materialo® also bears your logo.



We are continuously working on new features and are constantly developing the UI (user interface). With every release, materialo® becomes more comprehensive, and its technology is automatically adjusted to the continuously changing requirements of browser updates, for example. This means that your web application is always up to date.

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