Our AI tool is live

Simulate flooring in any room photo in just three seconds

Our automatic flooring AI tool visualises flooring in any room photo provided by customers.

Try out different options, make the right decision

Take a photo of the room, import it into our AI tool and simulate flooring. The customer can immediately see how the new flooring will look in the room. Our AI tool automatically recognises the floor area and simulates the flooring with a high degree of precision, including taking chair and table legs, plants and other furniture into account. The lights and shadows in the room are not disturbed, giving the customer a lifelike look at their potential new flooring.

“Our customers have been waiting a long time for such a simple solution to personalised product visualisation,” says Frank Schmied, Managing Director of ESIGN Software GmbH, summarising the positive response to the product. “This heralds a new era of visual-based customer targeting.”

Our AI tool can be integrated directly into your existing room studio or connected to the materialo® platform, making all existing flooring solutions available centrally. The AI module is still available as an independent tool for integration into online stores and e-commerce platforms. You can also connect the AI tool to additional modules such as bookmark lists, calculation, etc. for further process integration.

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