Our image processing create real selection


A photoshot will hardly ever be able to cover all available products, which means compromises must be made. What can affect the costs and the diversity of the products being shown.


The virtual product presentation by active online frees you from the problem to make compromises. You can now show every single possible variation of a room-product combination.


You won’t find a better marketing tool than exten-sive image material to convince your customer. This means that it is now possible to present your products in interior scenes, in close-ups or from different perspectives.

From an idea to your own room image

All you need to create a room image is your own personal concept or an already existing image.

Simple realisation

Once you have decided in favour of your own personal concept, it can be realised using state-of-the-art 3D technology without having to be photographed.

An image with many possibilities

Once your interior sets have been completely prepared, our mapping technology gives you the opportunity to present flooring, for example, using different laying techniques, different fibre types, widths and colours, or in gloss

Always up to date

Once a room has been created, it can then be viewed from a variety of perspectives. Obsolete or out of fashion room elements, e.g. furniture, can simply be exchanged without the need to create an entirely new virtual room.

Barely a difference

What is really important to us is realistically visualising the specific surfaces and the way they feel. Visualized in perfect perspecti-ve and taken into consideration the actual ligh-ting conditions in the room, we can create perfect images for your brochures, leaflets, and catalogs, or for your online presence - and we do all of that while saving resources and costs.

A wealth of variations

The laying pattern of flooring is another product feature that impacts its visual effect. Because there are so many different technologies and methods for layinga floor, it is not possible to show all of them, because it would be too expensive.

But in order to show the customer a clear interior scene with the corresponding floor design, we can virtually lay your flooring products the way you would like to have them. This means that you can provide your customers with a valuable decision-making tool.

The most popular laying techniques, including herringbone, panel, or ladder, have been stan-dardized and are ready for implementation. Cus-tom laying techniques are available on request. There are no limits to what is possible. The prerequisite for this is digitalised data in sufficient quality.

The fine differences are in the detail

In order to communicate the unique features of a product in marketing correctly, several images up to 1:1 aspect ratio will be required. None of the properties of the product remain hidden, which means less complaints.

You can also present different flooring fibre types, widths and colours in a close-up image. The way we present fibres also allows for the use of many different variants. T-joints, H-joints or whatever it is that you have in mind, there are almost no limits to your imagination.


Detail 1:1 fabric

Detail 1:1 wood

T-view 1:1

H-view 1:1

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