When the virtual seems completely real

activescan is the perfect digitalization service for the preparation of virtual product presentations.


activescan provides the perfect basis for virtual product presentations.


activescan gives the user the peace of mind of knowing that your product samples are digitalized in top quality.


activescan offers an altogether astonishing price-performance ratio.


There are one or several key points in each process that are crucial to the end result: if the optimum is not achieved at any one of these points, it will no longer be possible to make up for it in the steps that follow.

Create an ideal starting point

One of the most important key points for virtual product images is the scanning of the original product sample, which is where active online relies upon its state-of-the-art technology and years of expertise to obtain high-quality data material. For us, high-quality means precisely replicating shades, structures and surface qualities in the virtual product image. The grain, (partially) glossy areas and the feel of flat and pile fabrics become “tangible” to the eye.

In fact, state-of-the-art scanning technology allows three-dimensional product properties to be captured completely realistically. For this purpose, active online uses the high-tech scanner METIS DRS 2000 DCS. It delivers both 3D depth and glossy masks, fully automatically and to the highest degree of precision. activescan’s workflow turns this base data into product images of previously unseen quality – or, in other words: into winning selling points.

Unbelievable but not unaffordable

We at active online have always placed special importance on the scanning process, and we are continually expanding our expertise in this area. This leads to professional, multi-stage workflows that visibly improve results.

Whether it's for a product catalogue or marketing documents, whether they’re online, offline or in print – activescan provides a huge increase in product presentation quality. Conventional photo shoots virtually become obsolete. Our absolutely realistic depictions are a strong sales tool and a real boost for product marketing.

When it comes to quality, our services are almost unrivalled. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, we are without compare. The starting point is a personal consultation that sets out the central project parameters. We completely align ourselves with our customer’s wishes, for example, when it comes to resolution and colour adjustments. Those involved in the project have an eye on the objectives and the associated costs at all times.


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